Saturday, May 03, 2014

Never changing it's spot...

A leopard never change its spot. Guess that part is true.. but two can play the game. Given how the situation is right now. *shrug*

I don't like to repeat myself. *sigh* 就算了吧...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

waiting and expectation

"请不要放下电话!" 我多想说出来,不过,想到你明天是早上的课。。还是让你回去睡吧。思念沾满了一切,等待着我们下一次再相遇的一刻,时间过得好漫长哦。。This bittersweet feeling seems to have taken root in me-waiting, expectation, thinking of you, worrying for you- all of them wrap up inside me. Tears would flow when the feelings overwhelm me.. i don't want to distract you too..

But i know, and I wait with abate breath, for the day you say you'll be coming back again. Somehow, my current existence has narrow down into this.. 等待和期望..

I miss you... *sigh*

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


讲多错多,干脆"zipped!" 就没问题了吧!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

12th Feb 2011

Got my vday n bday gift le >.<
thank you dear~

Parent Mickey n Minnie- vday
Longchamp bag- bday ~~ (^O^☆♪
<3 for both =)

Ps.thou I also feel a bit guilty, cox I know his wallet pain. thank you!! *hugs n kisses*

Think I might be postin pic up (if ever I got in e mood lah..)

Anyway, next on my to-get-list:-
Bolster. E one my mom make spoilt le, den nw she's using scotch-tape to 'rescue' it. But outside buy de, also no feel. So I'm still hesitating.
But it's not urgent, so I'm still looking around. (n mayb hope my mom make another for me =x)

Wish list? As below:-
1) Zelda nds 288
2) Agnes b. Bag -around 200+?
3) watch -soon
4) my goal? Chanel bag
Can ignore e last one for nw, coz I'm not even earning enough for my studies. So ya, dat 1 might remain a dream also. Since it's not somethin I need to have, juz a luxury.
(ok, have to remind myself on dat xP)

Been busy lately- with work, with going out dating. Not a free day yet. But I guess it's good, occupying myself with things. But I think soon I'll be on e lookout for an escape. I'm a Pisces, plus horse *shrug* can't feel too tied down.

On e way back from coy dinner, at least e bus's fast

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 August 2010

it's out!!!
the audio technica's bijou~!

so pretty~~
48$ each, which is can fight with x-mini lor..
but nw i'm waiting for x-mini/hello kitty, and see how much it costs =)
might get both also
thou will be a waste of money =(
but even getting one is already wasting le >.<

a new girl come ytd,
and leave today.
she thought she was only suppose to take call for boss,
as a secretary.
but turns out she's doing what we're doing lah..
which is everything *eye rolling*
so..bye, one day girl *wave*

hope's dear's leg get well soon ^^